American Tackle Atrex Carp Blank

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  • Low Resin – High Modulous
  • Slim, balanced, light weight
  • Fast tip recovery
  • Full 1K woven Carbon weave matte finish

American Tackle

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Artikelnummer Länge Wurfgewicht Aktion Teile/Transportlänge ØAbschluss ØHandteil bei 60cm ØSpitze Gewicht
ATREX10-2.75-2PC 10ft 2,75lb Medium Fast 2/156cm 13,3mm 12,1mm 3,0mm 140g
ATREX10-3.5-2PC 10ft 3,5lb Medium Fast 2/156cm 15mm 13,4mm 2,6mm 166g
ATREX10-SPOT-2PC 10ft 4,5lb Medium Fast 2/156cm 17,8mm 14,3mm 3,3mm 225g
ATREX12-2.5-2PC 12ft 2,5lb Medium Fast 2/186cm 13,3mm 12,4mm 2,4mm 150g
ATREX12-3.5-2PC 12ft 3,5lb Medium Fast 2/186cm 16mm 14,4mm 2,8mm 235g
ATREX12-3.75-2PC 12lb 3,75lb Medium Fast 2/186cm 16,4mm 14,8mm 3,2mm 283g
ATREX12-SPOD-2PC 12ft 4,5lb Medium Fast 2/186cm 18,8mm 16,9mm 3,4mm 318g
ATREX12.6-3.5-2PC 12.6ft 3,5lb Medium Fast 2/195cm 16,1mm 14,9mm 2,9mm 253g

Atrex Blanks are the result of years of experience with AT’s rod blank manufacturing and pro carp anglers demands.

Our advanced mandrel design creates a crisp, lightweight and rapid recovery blank action that utilize the latest advanced low resin carbon systems and with a 1K matte finish, the style you demand as an angler.

No matter the range, no matter the target, Fish the finest, Fish Atrex!


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