Fishing Art Pike Blank

ab 258,00

  • LR Carbon 58/44 msi Blend
  • 2-Teilig
  • Farbe: Unground Glänzend

Fishing Art

Artikelnummer: WPS-E17C1 Kategorie:
Artikelnummer Länge Wurfgewicht Aktion Teile/Transportlänge ØAbschluss ØHandteil bei 50cm ØSpitze Gewicht
P7630-2N 2,28m 30-100g Moderate/Fast 2/118cm 12,9mm 11,0mm 2,3mm 85g
P7637-2N 2,28m 50-150g Moderate/Fast 2/118cm 13,3mm 11,4mm 2,4mm 98g
P8030-2N 2,44m 30-100g Moderate/Fast 2/126cm 13,0mm 11,3mm 2,3mm 91g
P8042-2N 2,44m 50-150g Moderate/Fast 2/126cm 13,6mm 11,9cm 2,3mm 108g
P8630-2N 2,60m 30-100g Moderate/Fast 2/134cm 13,8mm 11,8mm 2,3mm 99g
P8646-2N 2,60m 75-230g Moderate/Fast 2/134cm 15,0mm 14,1mm 2,8mm 157g
P8742-2N 2,63m 40-140g Moderate/Fast 2/135cm 14,3mm 12,3mm 2,4mm 117g
P9030-2N 2,74m 30-100g Moderate/Fast 2/141cm 14,1mm 12,2mm 2,2mm 109g
P9037-2N 2,74m 40-140g Moderate/Fast 2/141cm 14,4mm 12,7mm 2,2mm 127g
P9046-2N 2,74m 75-230g Moderate/Fast 2/141cm 15,5mm 13,5mm 2,5mm 174g

Structurally advanced blanks made of various graphite mats. Relatively strong tip, smooth middle section and clear power increase in the bottom part. Pike blanks are fairly fast, but their main feature is a very progressive deflection and high power generated by lower section, which allows for comfortable casting of baits with a wide mass span. Mainly intended for pike fishing with large lures. Great casting performance and excellent work under load.

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