Fishing Art Signum Blank

ab 172,00

  • LR Carbon 58 msi Blend
  • 2-Teilig
  • Farbe: Unground Glänzend

Fishing Art

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Artikelnummer Länge Wurfgewicht Aktion Teile/Transportlänge ØAbschluss ØHandteil bei ØSpitze Gewicht
SG668-2N 1,98m 3-10g XFast 2/102cm 9,3mm 7,2mm 1,3mm 31g
SG6612-2N 1,98m 5-18g XFast 2/102cm 9,7mm 8,0mm 1,5mm 37g
SG6617-2N 1,98m 7-28g XFast 2/102cm
SG708-2N 2,14m 3-10g XFast 2/110cm 9,6mm 7,5mm 1,4mm 35g
SG7012-2N 2,14m 5-18g XFast 2/110cm 10,0mm 8,2mm 1,5mm 40g
SG7017-2N 2,14m 7-28g XFast 2/110cm 10,9mm 9,0mm 1,7mm 50g
SG7612-2N 2,28m 5-18g XFast 2/117cm
SG7617-2N 2,28m 7-28g XFast 2/117cm 12,4mm 10,2mm 1,8mm 58g
SG7622-2N 2,28m 10-35 XFast 2/117cm 13,5mm 11,1mm 2,1mm 79g
SG8012-2N 2,44m 5-18g XFast 2/125cm 11,7mm 9,8mm 1,6mm 52g
SG8017-2N 2,44m 7-28g XFast 2/125cm 12,6mm 10,5mm 1,8mm 60g
SG8022-2N 2,44m 10-35 XFast 2/125cm 13,8mm 11,6mm 2,0mm 85g
SG8612-2N 2,60m 5-18g XFast 2/134cm
SG8617-2N 2,60m 7-28g XFast 2/134cm 13,8mm 11,6mm 1,8mm 70g
SG8622-2N 2,60m 10-35g XFast 2/134cm 14,7mm 12,2mm 2,1mm 94g
SG9012-2N 2,74m 5-18g XFast 2/141cm
SG9017-2N 2,74m 7-28g XFast 2/141cm 14,0mm 11,9mm 1,7mm 74g
SG9022-2N 2,74m 10-35g XFast 2/141cm 14,9mm 12,7mm 2,0mm 100g

Modern blanks, both in terms of construction and materials, contain a mixture of low-resin mats with high modulus graphite nanofibers. Light blanks with great balance allow you to create light and very sensitive rods.
The precise, sensitive tip transitions very progressively and actively into the relatively strong middle part of the blank and then into the butt section. These are unique blanks that are an excellent base to build universal rods that will work great with both soft baits mounted on heads and hard baits.

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