MHX Elite Pro Blank

ab 107,50

  • 50 Million Modulus Toray Fiber
  • Hardened Resin System
  • 2-Teilig
  • Farbe: Slate (Carbon Natur)


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Artikelnummer Länge Wurfgewicht Ködergewicht Aktion Teile/Transportlänge ØAbschluss ØHandteil bei 50cm ØSpitze Gewicht
NEPS72ULM-2 1,84m 3-10g -8g Moderate 2/95cm 7,0mm 5,9mm 1,4mm 24g
NEPS72LM-2 1,84m 5-18g -15g Moderate 2/95cm 7,5mm 6,2mm 1,5mm 26g
NEPS78ULMF-2 1,99m 4-12g -10g Mod-Fast 2/102cm 7,8mm 6,5mm 1,4mm 28g
NEPS78LMF-2 1,99m 5-18g -15g Mod-Fast 2/102cm 8,2mm 6,8mm 1,4mm 31g
NEPS78MLMF-2 1,99m 6-22g -20g Mod-Fast 2/102cm 8,2mm 6,9mm 1,5mm 32g
NEPS78MMF-2 1,99m 8-25g -22g Mod-Fast 2/102cm 8,3mm 7,3mm 1,6mm 38g
NEPS84ULMF-2 2,14m 4-12g -10g Mod-Fast 2/110cm 8,0mm 7,0mm 1,3mm 33g
NEPS84LMF-2 2,14m soon Mod-Fast 2/110cm
NEPS84MLMF-2 2,14m 6-24g -22g Mod-Fast 2/110cm 8,3mm 7,2mm 1,7mm 39m
NEPS84MMF-2 2,14m 10-35g -30g Mod-Fast 2/110cm 8,5mm 7,9mm 1,8mm 44g
NEPS90ULMF-2 2,28m 4-12g -10g Mod-Fast 2/118cm 8,0mm 7,6mm 1,3mm 38g
NEPS90LMF-2 2,28m 8-27g -25g Mod-Fast 2/118cm 8,7mm 7,7mm 1,5mm 42g
NEPS90MLMF-2 2,28m 10-35g -30g Mod-Fast 2/118cm 9,1mm 7,8mm 1,7mm 45g
NEPS90MMF-2 2,28m 12-40g -35g Mod-Fast 2/118cm 9,0mm 8,3mm 1,8mm 54g

These performance driven rod blanks utilize 50 million modulus Toray fiber with an exceptionally high tensile strength and now incorporate an incredible Nano Resin system. Boasting reduced diameters without sacrificing any power, the tactical balance and dynamic performance of the MHX Elite Pro Blanks is truly unbelievable in your palm.

The remarkable sensitivity in these awesome EPS blanks make great rods for many freshwater applications, like Bass and Walleye, and even inshore applications, such as Redfish and Snook! When it is time to travel your favorite Elite Pro Series can now join you on your next adventure.

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