MHX Traditional Fly Travel Blank

ab 114,25

  • 50 Million Modulus Toray Fiber
  • Hardened Resin System
  • 4-Teilig
  • Farbe: Slate (Carbon Natur)


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Artikelnummer Länge Aftma Aktion Teile/Transportlänge ØAbschluss ØHandteil bei 30cm ØSpitze Gewicht
F763-4-MHX 2,28m #3 Fast 4/61cm 6,6mm 6,0mm 1,5mm 31g
F803-4-MHX 2,44m #3 Fast 4/64cm 6,6mm 6,2mm 1,6mm 36g
F864XF-4-MHX 2,60m #4 XFast 4/68cm 9,0mm 7,4mm 1,4mm 38g
F907-4-MHX 2,74m #7 Fast 4/73cm 10,0mm 8,7mm 1,6mm 53g
F909-4-MHX 2,74m #9 Fast 4/73cm 11,0mm 9,4mm 1,7mm 60g
F910-4-MHX 2,74m #10 Fast 4/73cm 11,2mm 9,6mm 2,0mm 66g
F912-4-MHX 2,74m #12 Fast 4/73cm 13,5mm 11,6mm 2,2mm 91g

Toray 12K High Modulus Fiber of 50 million modulus, MHX harness this advanced material and a Hardened Resin System.

These high modulus, lightweight, and ultra-responsive graphite fly rod blanks perform flawlessly whether fishing for all freshwater species.

With various length models and line weights to choose from, MHX has a fly rod blank that can chase and land just about any specifies of fish you desire!

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