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Rainshadow RX7 Salom/Steelhead Blank

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  • RX7 Toray Carbon
  • 2-Teilig
  • Farbe: Satin Black


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Artikelnummer Länge Wurfgewicht Ködergewicht Aktion Teile/Transportlänge ØAbschluss ØHandteil bei 50cm ØSpitze Gewicht
REVST86MH-2SB 2,60m 15-50g -40g Mod-Fast 2/132cm 12,1mm 10,6mm 2,0mm 77g
REVST90L-2SB 2,74m 05-30g -25g Mod-Fast 2/140cm 10,2mm 8,8mm 1,6mm 61g
REVST90M-2SB 2,74m 10-40g -30g Mod-Fast 2/140cm 12,4mm 11,1mm 1,8mm 83g
REVST90MH-2SB 2,74m 15-50g -40g Mod-Fast 2/140cm 13,3mm 11,5mm 2,0mm 93g
REVSA90H-2SB 2,74m 30-70g -60g Mod-Fast 2/140cm 14,4mm 12,2mm 2,2mm 109g

New for this catalog, the Jaguar Team revamped our popular RX7 salmon/steelhead line up and created the NEW Revelation
salmon/steelhead. They all feature the RX7 Toray material, a new satin black color, and some subtle tweaks on certain models for
enhanced strength and better sensitivity. Below you will find a handy cross-reference chart showing the old RX7 model and the
new Revelation equivalent.

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